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Above - Me on the summit of the Acropolis, Tasmania (photo by Chuin Nee Ooi)

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Don't Raise Warragamba Dam

See some of my recent photos of the lower Kowmung River. This part of the river will be destroyed if plans to raise the wall of  Warragamba Dam go ahead.

Please help by taking action - Go to the website - http://dontraisethedam.com

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Above - Me in a canyon near the Wolgan River (photo - David Forbes)

Photos of Particular Canyons

Photos of exploratory canyoning trips in the South Wolgan Area

My Essay -

Photos from trips during

Videos of Canyons on YouTube

Above - Me in a new canyon in the Coorongooba area of Wollemi National Park (photo - Rik Deveridge)

Above - Me on "Tombstone Wall" - Mt Piddington, Blue Mts

Photos of some crags -

Photos from trips during

Climbing Videos on YouTube

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Fungi - Wolli Creek
Fungi in Lane Cove

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