Birdwood Gully - Springwood - Fungi - 26 July 2015

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

The fungi identifications here that I made are only amateurish - and I would appreciate any additions or corrections.

Above - Pseudohydnum gelatinosum

Above - Pseudohydnum gelatinosum

Above - Hygrocybe sp

Above - Trichoglossum hirsutum

Above - Hygrocybe sp - these look like they have had a bad night on the town. It is interesting to see different sorts of bugs eating each of them.

Above - Hygrocybe sp

Above - Gliophorus graminicolor

Above - Gliophorus graminicolor - another view of the one above

Above - Hygrocybe stevensoniae - I also only found one of these.

Above - Greenhood orchid (Pterostylis nutans) - thanks to Chris Jonkers and Julie Favell for this id.

Above - Greenhood orchid (Pterostylis nutans)

Above - Hygrocybe sp - this one was very tiny. After setting up my gear to photograph it - I noticed nearby some larger ones.

Above - Hygrocybe sp - red stipe, pink, decurrent gills, Yellow -orange - brown cap. This one is a bit aged.

Above - Hygrocybe sp - another view of the last one

Above - Hygrocybe sp - is this the same species?

Above - Hygrocybe sp - this one, nearby seems fresher.

Above - Hygrocybe sp - another view of the one before.

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