Mt Wilson - Waterfall Reserve - Fungi and Slime Moulds -  2 July 2016

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

The fungi identifications here that I made are only amateurish - and I would appreciate any additions or corrections.

This was a field activity organised by the Sydney Fungal Studies Group Inc

Above - Heterotextus pezizformis

Above - Heterotextus pezizformis

Above - Very tiny - perhaps Dacrymyces cf. stillatus

Above - Gymnopilus junonius

Above - Hericium coralloides

Above - Galerina sp

Above - Galerina sp

Above - Galerina sp

Above - Trichaptum biforme (thanks to Gemma Williams for the id)

Above - Trichaptum biforme

Above - Scleroderma sp

Above - Slime mould

Above - Deflexula subsimplex

Above - Bisporella citrina

Above - Pleurotopsis longinqua

Above - Cordyceps gunnii

Above - A bit of tree fern bark

Above - Mycena interrupta

Above - Galerina sp

Above - Antrodiella zonata

Above - Galerina sp

Above - Galerina sp

Above - Perhaps Australohydnum dregeanum?

Above - Perhaps Torrendiella sp?

Above - Calocera fusca

Above - Tremella fuciformis

Above - Tremella fuciformis

Above - Scutellinia off. scutellata

Above - Mycena sp

Above - Calocera sp

Above - Xylaria polymorpha - Dead Man's Fungers

Above - Tremella sp

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