Sassafras Gully Fungi Walk - 24 February 2017

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Gemma, Roy, Anna, Dave

Above - Bonnet Orchid - Cryptostylis erecta

Above - Austroboletus niveus

Above - Tylopilus sp

Above - Austroboletus lacunosus

Above - Boletus sp

Above - Cordyceps takaomontana (Paecilomyces tenuipes) - this fungus parasitises beetle larvae

Above - Pluteus sp

Above - Amanita sp

Above - Amanita sp, perhaps Amanita marmorata - the Marbled Death Cap. The cap certainly had a marble appearance when viewed at certain angles.

Above - Perhaps Amanita marmorata

Above - Russula sp

Above - Tylopilus sp

Above - Tylopilus sp

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