Wolli Creek - Fungi and Slime Moulds - 9 May 2015

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

The fungi identifications here that I made are only amateurish - and I would appreciate any additions or corrections.

This was a field activity organised through the Sydney Fungal Studies Group Incorporated together with Wolli Creek Preservation Society. These photos show only a small proportion of what was found by the group on the day.

Above - Clavulina cinera

Above - Galerina hypnorum

Above - Armillaria sp

Above - Armillaria sp

Above - Armillaria fumosa

Above - Puffball, possibly - Lycoperdon pyriforme

Above - Puffball - Scleroderma cepa

Above - A large soft puffball - Calvatia lilacina

Above - Clavulina cinera

Above - Mutinus boninensis

Above - Ramaria sp

Above - Hygrocybe austropratensis (very rare and critically endangered)

Above - Hygrocybe austropratensis

Above - Hygrocybe austropratensis

Above - Boletellus emodensis

Above - Cortinarius archeri

Above - Entoloma sp

Above - This fungi was found near the exhaust stack for the M5. It is very worrying as it shows - rosecomb - or gills growing in the wrong place - on top of the cap. This abnormal morphogenesis is likely to be due to the presence of hydrocarbon contaminants.

Above - closer view of the rosecomb

Above - slime mould

Above - slime mould (closer view)

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