New Zealand - 2015

Greenstone - Caples Walk -21 - 24 February 2015

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Party - Wendy, Dave

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The first part of the walk was along the Routeburn Track to Howden Hut. This is through very nice Beech forest.

Above - Wendy on the Routeburn Track

Above - Very crowded for lunch at Howden Hut

Above - the track to McKellar Hut

Above - slime mould

Above - Wendy crossing a small side creek

Above - Lake McKellar

Above - moss

Above - the Greenstone River near McKellar Hut. Note the "rock snot" (Didymo) on the rocks

Above - a small creek near the hut

Above - McKellar Hut

Above - at dusk the weather cleared

Above - dawn - McKellar Hut

Above - Wendy in the enchanted forest

Above - spider-webs

Above - trumpet lichen

Above - lichen

Above - coral lichen

Above - spider-web

Above - coral lichen

Above - coral lichen and club moss

Above - Wendy walking down the Greenstone Valley

Above - side creek

Above - a South Island Robin - these birds are very friendly

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