New Zealand - 2015

Kepler Mountains Walk -25 - 27 February 2015

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Wendy, Dave

We walked from Te Anau along the Kepler Track towards Mt Luxmore. We didn't have a hut booking, so camped well away (> 500 m) from the Kepler Track. On the second day, we climbed Mt Luxmore and then returned to Lake Te Anau.

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Above - perhaps Ganoderma applanatum

Above - Wendy on the Kepler Track

Above - emerging fungus

Above - spider on this mushroom

Above - White Butter Jelly - Tremella fuciformis

Above - a bolete - Tylopilus formosus

Above - Dogs Vomit slime mould - Fuligo septica

Above - this unusual fungi was growing on the bottom of a decaying log, perhaps Steccherinum sp?

Above - slime mould

Above - perhaps Dermocybe canaria?

Above - Lake Te Anau at Brod Point

Above - Clavicorona piperata

Above - Hypholoma acutum

Above - walking under limestone cliffs

Above - Eyelash Button - Scutellinia colensoi

Above - Eyelash Button - Scutellinia colensoi

Above - Eyelash Button - Scutellinia colensoi

Above - Bisporella citrina

Above - This looks like a fallen Beech strawberry fungus - Cyttaria gunnii - but it seemed to be attached to the ground.

Above - on the open tops of the Kepler Mountains

Above - tarns

Above - gentians

Above - Wendy is happy to be in the mountains

Above - dusk

Above - dawn

Above - first light on Mt Tutoko

Above - after the sun rose a thick mist rolled in

Above - cushion plant

Above - Rickenella fibula

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