Kahurangi National Park - January 2004

Arthur Range Traverse

All photos © David Noble. They cannot be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Rik, Martin, Christine, Melanie, Dave

Above - Looking towards Mt Owen

Above - Christine and Martin sitting outside John Reed Hut

Above - Evening light on Mt Owen

Above - Dappled clouds

Above - On the tops of the Arthur Range

Above - Looking down a steep section

Above - Traversing the tops, Christine, Mel and Rik

Above - Looking back

Above - Lunch on the tops

Above - Lunch. A cup of wine anyone? How about some bree?

Above - We keep on traversing

Above - Rik on the way up Mt Patriarch

Above - Dave, Rik and Martin on the summit of Mt Patriarch

Kiwi Saddle Hut. We meet Joe and Harry.

Above - Morning mist

Above - Climbing up towards Mt Luna

Above - Martin and Rik on the climb

Above - Mt Patriarch from Mt Luna

Above - Martin on the summit of Mt Luna

Above - On the way out we visit this interesting canyon near Mt Owen. It looks good! We checked it out from the top and bottom - but did not have any ropes with us. Thanks to Harry, a local tramper who gave us a lift up the road and told us where to find it.

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