Kahurangi National Park Walk - January 2004

Traverse of the Douglas Range

Party - Rik Deveridge, Martin Pfeil, David Noble


Above - Sunset over the Leslie from near Balloon Hut

Above - Rik and Martin looking towards the Arthur Range - morning mist

Above - Later afternoon near Fenella Hut

Above - Drachophyla near Fenella Hut

Above - Martin and Rik on the Peel Range looking down at Island Lake. The Dragons Teeth can be seem in the far distance to the right of Rik

Above - Keas on the range. This was as far as wet got in the direction of Centre Mountain

Above - looking along the range

Above - Camp near Island Lake

Above - Island Lake

Above - We cooled off in this great tarn near Fenella Hut

Above - On xxx Peak. Lookingalong the Douglas Range towards the Dragons Teeth

Above - Martin and Rik on the summit

Above - Rik and Martin on the Douglas Range. The Dragons Teeth are getting closer.

Above - The Burgoo from Lonely Lake

Above - Lonely Lake

Above - Sunset from Lonely Lake

Above - Martin and Rik under the Drunken Sailor

Above - heading off towards the low route to Adelaide Tarn

Above - The Dragons Teeth from near Adelaide Tarn

Above - Adelaide Tarn

Above - Campsite at Adelaide Tarn

Above - Looking up twards the Dragons Teeth from after the tricky bit. The highest summit is the one on the left - and the route lies up steep but easy slabs

Above - Rik and Martin on the summit of the Dragons Teeth

Above - Martin at the bottom of the tricky bit

Above - Late evening - Adelaide Tarn

Above - Alpenglow on Mt Olympus

Above - Mt Olympus and Adelaide Tarn

Above - Dappled sky

Above - Moonrise

Above - New creeks formed after a rainy day

Above leaving Adelaide Tarn

Above - Rik and Martin on the range

Above - Looking back

Above - One last view of the Dragons Teeth

Above - Boulder Lake

Above - Tussocks and Boulder Lake Hut

Above - Mist on the way out

Above - The last day of the trip was the wettest day we had.

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