The Rock Nature Reserve -  22 - 23 August 2016

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

These photos were taken on a road trip to western NSW and Victoria that was organised by David Hufton. Many thanks to David for inviting me on this wonderful trip.

Above - View from The Towers at The Rock

Above - the Towers - a rock climbing crag at The Rock

Above - View from above The Towers

Above - looking along to The Rock

Above - It rained overnight, but next morning was clear above the mist

Above - The track up to the summit

Above - Climbing above the mist

Above - On the top of The Rock

Above - Heading back down

Above - These interesting native plants grow below the cliffs

Above - Lots of these blue orchids were out

Above - Leopard Orchid

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