Barrenjoey - Bush Regeneration - 15-16 November 2014

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Stu and Enmoore had organised a weekend to help the National Parks and Wildlife Service undertake some volunteer bush regeneration at Barrenjoey. As well as Stu and Enmoore, there was Chuin Nee, John, Jasper, Martin, Steffy, Su Li, Brent, wendy, Don, Ian and NPWS Ranger Jude.

Above - rock formation

Above - weeding

Above - getting seeds off Blackberry Nightshade

Above - Lion Island

Above - Wendy spotted this nice orchid - a Large Tongue Orchid (Cryptostylis subulata)

Above - and there were more, Cryptostylis subulata

Above - doing some planting near the old Lighthouse Keepers Cottage

Above - The spit (or trombolo) that links Barrenjoey with Palm Beach

Above - rock formation

Above - rock formation

Above - Wendy weeding

Above - Brent photographing

Above - Broken Bay with Lion Island

Above - The Lighthouse (being repointed) and the old Keepers Cottage (where we spent the night)

Above - Cryptostylis subulata

Above - at the Keepers Cottage

Above - A BBQ is prepared. Thanks to Chuin Nee for organising the food, and for Sydney Rockclimbing Club for a grant to cover food costs.

Above - evening

Above - the lighthouse

Above - dawn

Above - Storm over Pittwater

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