Barrenjoey Bushcare - 5-6 November 2016

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

This time our group weeded near the lighthouse.

Above - Large Tongue Orchid (Cryptostylis subulata)

Above - Large Tongue Orchid (Cryptostylis subulata)

Above - The spit that joins Barrenjoey to the mainland - with Palm Beach on the left and Pittwater on the right

Above - Barrenjoey Lighthouse. We stayed overnight in the Lighthouse Keepers Cottage on the right.

Above - Some Tea Tree was in flower - and various bugs liked the nectar

Above - Sea Eagle

Above - Sea Eagle (juvenile)

Above - Evening

Above - The lighthouse was light painted with a head torch

Above - Dawn

Above - Lion Island

Above - Wendy hard at work weeding

Above - Peregrine Falcon

Above - Frances weeding

Above - Rainbow Lorikeets flying over

Above - More insects on the Tea Trees

Above - Later in the morning we are lucky to have a tour of the lighthouse

Above - View from the top of the lighthouse

Above - Fresnel lenses around the lamp

Above - Blue Tongue Lizard

Above - The lizard appears to have a few ticks

Above - Wendy climbing, Enmoore belaying

Above - Lily climbing

Above - Wendy climbing

Above - Sea Eagle

Above - Little Pied Cormorant

Above - Enmoore climbing

Above - Wendy, Stu, Enmoore and Lily

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