Bushcare at Diamond Bay - 20 February 2016

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Party - Enmoore, Stu, Su Li, Martin, Steffy, Dave and a lot of others - climbers and members of the local bushcare group.

Above - We spent the morning weeding above Rosa Gully

Above - Looking down Rosa Gully

After lunch we descended the track down into the bottom of the gully. This provides access to the climbing area and to an interesting ledge

Above - Rosa Gully is an example of a zawn.

Above - If you climb up this very dodgy ladder you can the traverse a very long way along a ledge. Enmoore is about to see of up the ladder.

Above - Su Li follows

Above - Steffy on a climb

Above - graffiti from about 100 years ago

Above - Steffy climbing

Above - Steffy climbing, Su Li belaying (for another climb)

Above - Su Li and Anna climbing

Above - Su Li and Anna climbing

Above - Su Li and Anna climbing

Above - Su Li climbing

Stu and myself then headed off to the nearby Grumpy Baker for a coffee

Above - some rather large parrots

Above - Back at Rosa Gully - Enmoore climbing

Above - Enmoore climbing

Above - This ladder provides access to the Diamond Bay climbing area

Above - Diamond Bay

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