Helensburgh - Otford - Old Railway Tunnels - 8 August 2014

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Party - Digi Dave, Dave N

On the day we investigated some old railway tunnels in the Helensburgh - Otford area of the Illawarra.

Above - The old Helensburgh Tunnel at Helensburgh

Above - The old Helensburgh Tunnel

Above - The old Metropolitan Tunnel at Helensburgh. On the right is part of the platform of the original Helensburg Station.

Above - The Metropolitan Tunnel

Above - In the Metropolitan Tunnel

Above - Digi Dave photographing the tunnel

The old Otford - Stanwell Park Tunnel viewed from the Stanwell Park end

Above - Part of the tunnel was blown up in 1942, to stop the passage of Japanese soldiers that may land at the beaches to the south. This was later cleared when the tunnel was used as a mushroom farm - this is the rectangular roofed section.

Above - The Otford end of the tunnel

Above - an old tractor in the middle of the tunnel

Above - Looking down the tunnel. The sandstone blocks cover a brick culvert in the floor of the tunnel.

Above - There is light at the end of the tunnel - but its a long way off. The tunnel is about 1.6 km long and dead straight for most of its length. The tunnel is well lined with bricks.

Above - Digi Dave with his light

Above - Digi Dave

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