Lane Cove Bushland Park - 7 April 2014

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Note - my attempt to identify some of the fungi is very amateurish - based on looking at pictures in books and online. I would appreciate any errors or additions.

Above - Gold Tufts (Cyptotrama aspratum)

Above - Leathery Goblet (Cymatoderma elegans var. lamellatum)

Above - Wood Ear (Auricularia cornea)

Above - Gymnopus sp

Above - Stereum ostrea

Above - Puffball

Above - Mycena sp

Above - Mycena sp

Above - Puffball

Above - Pineapple Bolete (Boletellus ananas)

Above - Russula persanguinea

Above - the main creek in the Bushland Park - a tributary of Gore Creek

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