Royal National Park Photo Day - 18 February 2016

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Digi Dave and myself headed down to Royal National Park for a day of photography.


We went looking for birds, but lots of dragonflies were out

Bundeena - Bonnie Vale Wetlands

Above - as we went wandering along the side of the wetland, we noticed this goanna. It was being 'escorted" by a lot of Ibis. It was very interesting to watch.

We then went to the nearby bay in Port Hacking. An amazing surf was running right up the bay, and it had attracted a lot of surfers.

Wattamolla - Providential Point

Above - a large bird a long way out. Perhaps an albatross?

Above - sea eagle number 1

Above - sea eagle number 2

Wattamolla - Coote Creek

More dragonflies. These ones were hovering.

Above - Wattamolla lagoon and beach.

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