Arthur Range Walk - Tasmania - January 2003

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This was walk with Alex Makarenko and Jo Boyd from SUBW

A Youtube video of part of the Eastern Arthurs section of the walk can be found here

Page 1 - Western Arthur Range - Mt Hesperus to Lake Oberon

On the first day - after being dropped off by the bus at Scotts Peak Dam we walked to Junction Creek and then climbed Moraine A to camp on top. From there, it is only a short way up to climb Mt Hesperus for sunset and sunrise.

Above - Dusk - Mt Hesperus

Above - Dawn from Mt Hesperus

Above - Jo admiring the view

Above - Alex cooling down in Lake Cygnus

Above - Looking ahead - Alex and Jo on Mt Hayes

Above - Mt Hayes

Above - Crags near Square Lake

Above - Our next campsite - perched on the ridge between Square Lake and Lake Oberon

Above - Square Lake from Mt Sirius

Above - Looking along the rest of the Western Arthurs from Mt Sirius

Above - Alex looks back to Mt Hayes and Mt Hesperus

Above - Sunrise from Mt Sirius

Above - Lake Oberon - with federation Peak - visible on the far right horizon

Above - Lake Oberon

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