Arthur Range Traverse - January 1982

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Party - Val Latham, David Rutherford, Jenny, Dave Noble

Page 1 - Western Arthur Range Traverse

We caught the bus to Scotts Peak Dam and walked out to Junction Creek, then up Moraine A and then continued along to camp at Square Lake. This was a long afternoons walk - but it was worthwhile.

Above - Val

Above - Dusk - above Square Lake

Above - Dusk - above Square Lake

Above - Dusk - above Square Lake

Above - Dusk - looking along the range

Above - Dusk - above Square Lake

Next morning was fine. Dave Rutherford and myself woke early and climbed up to Mt Sirius for the sunrise - as the following sequence of photos should demonstrate -

After enjoying this spectacular dawn - we went back down to the Lake for breakfast - and then had a nice day walking to High Moor.

Above - Jenny above Lake Uranus

Above - Val at High Moor

The next day we walked to Haven Lake. In the late afternoon I climbed up above the Lake for some photos.

Above - Dusk at Haven Lake

Overnight - we had a big storm - and I broke one of my tent poles - and had to improvise a repair (which lasted OK for the rest of the trip).

Above - dawn - the Sun above the Phoenix

Above - Mt Taurus

Above - Federation Peak

Above - Leaving Haven Lake

Above - View from Mt Scorpio.

That afternoon we enjoyed swimming in Promontory Lake. The next day was wet and we spent the day inside the tents. The next day - Val and Dave R continued on to Pass Creek. Jenny was only doing the Western Arthurs and I was going to walk out with her to the bottom of Moraine K - but she met another party at Lake Vesta to walk out with, so I continued down Moraine K, then walked quickly to Craycroft Crossing and Pass Ck to join the others for the Eastern Arthurs.

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