Central Plateau Walk - Tasmania - December 1980

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This was walk with Ron Levy, Nick Melhuish and Karen Hayman

Page 1 - Higgs Track - Lake Nameless - Walls of Jerusalem

Above - On the plateau - via Higgs Track, we camped near here.

Above - stormy lighting

Above - Our campsite near Lady Lake

Above - Lady Lake

Above - Karen on the track to Lake Nameless

Above - Ron and Nick near Lake Lucy Long

Above - Getting water, Ron and Nick

Above - At the site of the old Lake Nameless Hut

Above - Karen and Nick at Lake Nameless - and a nice waratah

Above - On Forty Lakes Peak

Above - Tarns on the plateau

Above - Cushion Plants

Above - Pencil Pine skeletons

Above - Dusk

Above - Breaking camp

Above - Karen admires these nice tarns

Above - Approaching the Walls of Jerusalem - the area had been badly burnt out in a bushfire a long timer earlier. It was as though a nuclear bomb had been detonated there.

Above - on the side of the Temple - Walls of Jerusalem

Above - Reserve peaks

Above - Mt Jerusalem

Above - Reserve peaks

Above - Pool of Bethesda

Above - Cushion plants

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