Tasmania - Central Plateau Walk - December 1993

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Doug Bock, Mark Sheldon, Sally Partridge, Michael "Ted" Maack, Justin Blows, Donald Glugston, Dave Noble

Sally wrote a trip report that was published online here.

Above - A rare patch of sun at the Walls of Jerusalem. Note out tents in the bottom right hand corner. I think we had rain on every day of the trip.

Above - Heading off from the Walls. In front - Ted, Mark, Justin, Gluggy and Doug

Above - Marjk, Gluggy and Ted on the Chinaman Plains

Above - Sally and Mark on the Chinaman Plains

Above - The party (from the front) Mark, Justin, Ted, Gluggy, Doug and Sally

Above - Mark, Sally, Gluggy, Doug and Ted

Above - Lunch

Above - one of our campsites on the Chinaman Plains

Above - Chinaman Plains

Above - Our next campsite was near this nice lake

Above - warming ourselves near the fire (this was before the area became a fuel stove only area)

Above - Having a cuppa - Sally, Justin, Doug, Mark, Gluggy, Ted

Above - Lake on the Chinaman Plains

Above - Mark in the fagus - Ling Roth Lakes

Above - On the Mountains of Jupiter - more bad weather!

Above - Descending to Lake Artemis. We camped near Lake Eros for several nights sitting out bad weather.

Above - Justin (I think!) in the snow at our camp near Lake Eros. At the same time there were major bushfires near Sydney.

Above - Packing up - at Lake Eros. Because of bad weather - we headed down to Junction Lake and then continued down the Never Never (Mersey River) to the Overland Track and then walked to Narcissus Hut on Lake St Clair.

Above - Crossing the Mersey River near Junction Lake

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