Tasmania -January - February 2014

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

The Labyrinth - Pine Valley - Overland Track - Echo Point - Cynthia Bay

Above - pandani

Above - climber abseiling off the North Peak of the Geryon

Above - Lake Elysia - a nice place for a swim

Above - Drosera

Above - The Geryon

Above - The Geryon and Acropolis

Above - stars above The Geryon

Above - dawn light on Walled Mountain

Above - Echidna near Lake St Clair

Above - this was only the second fungus I saw on the trip

Above - weathered log at Echo Point

Above - Leatherwood in full bloom

Above - one of several platypus swimming off Echo Point in the late evening

Above - Mt Ida and lenticular clouds

Above - stars above Mt Ida

Above - looking south - 2 meteors and an aurora?

Above - Mt Ida

Above - Forest near Lake St Clair

Above - lichen

Above - Coral Lichen

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