Central Plateau Traverse - April 1995

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Party - Steve Henzell, Dave Noble

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Higgs Track - Lake Nameless - Pencil Pine Tarn - Walls of Jerusalem - Chinaman Plains

A report of this walk can be found here on the SUBW website.

Above - Steve at the top of Higgs Track - on the Central Plateau

Above - The sun came out and brightened up the scene. We did not know - but this would be the best sun of the trip!

Above - We camped on the way to Lake Nameless

Above - The hut at Lake Nameless

Above - Pencil Pines near Pencil Pine Tarn

Above - Our second camp - sheltered in the pines

Above - Approaching the Walls of Jerusalem

Above - Cushion plants near Lake Tyre

Above - Steve on the Temple at the Walls of Jerusalem

Above  - Pencil Pines near Dixons Kingdom

Above - Steve walking through spagnum near Lake Ball

Above - Tarns

Above - Fagus

Above - Our first campsite on the Chinaman Plains - a very sheltered spot.

Above - We camped at this spot - not too far before the scrubby section approaching the Ling Roth Lakes

Above - the weather was still poor - wet and cold.

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