Frankland Range Traverse

January 2002

All images © David Noble. They cannot be used for any purpose without permission.

This was a 6 day walk along the Wilmot and Frankland Ranges in South West Tasmania. I was joined on this walk by Rob Hynes. This was my second traverse of these ranges. My first was with Adrian Teague in December 1979.

Above - Rob with his father, who drove us out to the start of the walk at the Serpentine Dam

Above - Rob on Mt Sprent

Above - Looking along the Wilmot Range

Above - Our first campsite

Above - Dusk

Above - Sunset

Above - Dawn

Above - Yabbie

Above - We camped at the southern end of the Wilmot Range for the second and third nights

Above - We were stormbound for a day

Above - Looking back along the Wilmot Range

Above - Looking along the Frankland Range (and the Western Arthurs in the far distance on the left)

Above - Rock formation in the Wilmot/Frankland saddle

Above - Rob on the rock, Coronation Peak behind

Above - Looking to Double Peak

Above - rock towers

Above - The Moat

Above - high camp on the range

Above - dawn

Above - Approaching Frankland and Secheron Peaks

Above - high on Frankland Peak - looking back along the range

Above - Dawn - from near Frankland Peak

Above - Our route down wasa through this band of scrub

Above - Rob on the Giblin Range

Above - Looking down the the Lake Pedder Impoundment

Above - "Fake Pedder"


Scott Morrison's Traverse in 2006

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