Wilmot - Frankland Range Traverse - December 1979

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Party - Adrian Teague, Dave Noble

Page 1 - Serpentine Dam - Mt Sprent - Wilmot Range - Coronet Peak

Above - Dave at Serpentine Dam

Above - Construction work near Serpentine Dam

Above - Diamond Peak in the Prince of Wales Range - viewed on the way up Mt Sprent

Above - Adrain on the way up Mt Sprent

Above - Having a drink - sucking water from a yabbie hole

Above - A break near Mt Sprent - looking along the Wilmot Range

Above - Adrian looks towards the West Coast. Mt Sprent in the distance

Above - The Lake Peddar impoundment

Above - Dusk

Above - Dusk

Above - Sunset

Above - Dusk - Mt Anne

Above - We spent the first night in this overhang near Islet Lake

Above - Looking ahead on the Wilmot Range

Above - Dave inspecting the map

Above - The open tops of the Wilmot Range

Above - Adrian inspecting the map

Above - The impoundment

Above - Coronet Peak

Above - This was our last campsite in the Wilmot Range. The next day was wet - so we spent two nights here.

Above - Our campsite - can you see the tent tucked in a good sheltered spot.

Above - Storm clouds over the Franklands

Above - Coronet Peak

Above - Dave cooking. This was before the era of fuel stove only areas. We cooked here on a small fire. But we were not careful! Even though it rained overnight - we did not notice that the fire was not out. The next day - on the saddle between the Wilmots and the Franklands we met another party - Tony Moscal and Alma. I later heard that Tony came across our campsite and found the fire still smoldering deep underground. He had to dig deeply down to stop the peat burning.

After dinner - a fine evening

Above - The next day (Day 4) - looking back along the Wilmot Range

Above - Adrian looking at Coronet Peak

Above - Coronet Peak

Above - Looking along the range to Double Peak

Above - Nearby lakes

Above - Coronet Peak

Above - On the way up Coronet Peak

Above - Adrian on the way up Coronet Peak

Above - Looking back at the Wilmots from Coronet Peak

Above - Looking ahead. Frankland and Secheron Peaks are on the extreme left horizon

Above - Adrian on Coronet Peak

Above - Adrian and Dave on Coronet Peak

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