Franklin River - Rafting Trip - January 1980

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This was a six day trip rafting down the middle Franklin River. It was organised by the Tasmanian Wilderness Society. It was led by Bob Brown. This was at the height of the Franklin River campaign. In the party were a group of film makers - Bob Connolly, Robin Anderson and their cameraman Gert Kirschner (who were doing a trial run to see what the a river trip would involve before making their own film of the river), a liberal politician, an official from the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service, Peter Roberts (The Age science reporter) and photographer Les O'Rourke, Angus Lindsay (ABC reporter from Melbourne) and Ptortoise (TWS).

Above - At the Collingwood Bridge

Above - Setting off down the Collingwood River

Above - In rapids

Above - In rapids

Above - Franklin River

Above - Bob Brown

Above - Some of the party - NP official, Robin Anderson, Bob Connolly, Les O'Rourke

Above - Franklin River

Above - Camp - Robin Anderson, ?, Bob Connolly, Bob Brown

Above - On the river

Above - Les O'Rourke

Above - Dave Noble inspecting a rapid

Above - Peter Roberts and Bob Connolly

Above - Bob Brown

Above - camp

Above - The Irenabyss

Above - Bob Brown

Above - Angus Lindsay and Robin Anderson (?)

Above - Bob Connolly and the NP official

Above - At Fincham - where we left the river

Above - The TWS had a helicopter booked to take us all to Queenstown - but this one was a rescue chopper - and needed the services of a doctor. Bob Brown provided his services to put in a dislocated shoulder of a member of another party of rafters.

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