Some Old Tasmanian Route Guides and Maps

Below is a copy of the Hobart Walking Clubs Route Guides to the Western Arthurs. This is what we used on our early trips through the range. As well as the Western Arthurs (Route Guide Number 6) - the Hobart Walking Club produced guides for the Eastern Arthurs and South Picton Range, the Southern Ranges, the Mount Anne Circuit, the South Coast Track and the Access Tracks

Above - Here is part of R N Smiths early sketch map of the Arthur Range. Note - the favoured route used to be via Moraine B

Above - This is a small part of the Olga 1 inch to the mile (1:63,360) map that we used for the Prince of Wales Range. Even though it was not colour - its good contour interval was much better for navigation than the 1:100,000 Tasmaps.

Above - A small part of a 1:15,840 dyeline of the upper Weld River that we used in conjunction with an aerial photo to work out a good route to the river from the old Post Davey Track near Mt Bowes.