Lake St Clair Circumnavigation  4 - 12 January 2001

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Party - Rob Hynes, Alex Debono, Dave Noble

Day 1 - Bus from Hobart to Lake St Clair - arriving there about lunchtime. We walked up the Cuvier Valley to Lake Petrarch - and camped at the lake.

Above - Alex in the Cuview Valley

Above - At Lake Petrarch it was possible to walk a long way out into the lake in shallow water. At this part of the lake there is a really nice campsite.

Above - sand ripples

Above - Mt Olympus from Lake Petrarch at dusk.

Day 2 - In the morning we went on a daywalk up Mt Olympus - traversing part of the plateau. Back to Lake Petrarch for lunch. After lunch as we walked to Byron Gap it started raining heavily (this was the only real rain of the trip) - so we canceled plans for a climb up Mt Byron. We continued on to Narcissus and then camped near the turn off to the Pine Valley track.

Above - Alex and Rob on the summit of Mt Olympus

Above - View north from Mt Olympus

Day 3 - Walked up to Pine Valley and climbed on to the Acropolis Plateau for an early camp. We climbed up the Acropolis in the afternoon.

Above - Alex on the true summit of the Acropolis

Above - Acropolis pinnacle with the Geryon behind

Day 4 - Back down to Pine Valley - then up to the Labyrinth to camp at Lake Elysia. In the afternoon, Rob and Alex climbed Walled Mt (I was suffering from a cold). The usual large number of ants were present in the Labyrinth - and this time even the islands in the lake were covered in ants!

Above - rocks and reflections, the Labyrinth

Above - Labyrinth lake and the Acropolis behind

Above - Dusk - the Acropolis

Above - Dusk - The Geryon

Above - Dusk - The Geryon

Above - Dawn, The Geryon from our campsite

Above - Lake Elysia

Day 5 - Perfect fine weather - climbed Mt Hyperion and the north peak of the Geryon and went over Big Gun Pass to camp on Mt Massif. On the Geryon we met up with some police search and rescue personnel searching for a missing girl. We had a nice sunset from Mt Massif.

Above - mist - the Labyrinth

Above - mist - The Geryon

Above - pineapple grass - Du Cane tops

Above - search and rescue chopper over the Geryon

Above - View from the Geryon north peak.

Above - our next objective - Big Gun Pass and Mt Massif

Above - Looking back from the Du Cane tops - the pinnacle ridge of the Acropolis with a party near the summit

Above - tarn above Big Gun Pass

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