Reserve Walk - The Overland Track - January 1980

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission

Party - Col Gibson, Adrian Teague, Dave Noble

This was a standard walk along the Overland Track from South to North - with a fair bit of time spent in the Pelion area

Above - Mt Olympus from the Cuvier Valley

Above - Mt Byron

Above - Col and Adrian walking through forest on the way to Byron Gap

Above - Crossing the Narcissus River

Above - The Geryon from Windy Ridge

Above - Adrain on the way up Mt Ossa

Above - Col ad Adrian back down on the Overland Track

Above - Barn Bluff from Pelion at dusk

Above - The pinnacle ridge of Mt Oakleigh

Above - Pelion West

Above - The Pinnacle Ridge of Mt Oakleigh

Above - This photo shows our traverse of he next day - from right to left - Pelion West (on the edge) - Mt Achilles, Mt Thetis. And Mt Ossa is on the right.

Above - Relaxing back down at Pelion

The next morning we left around 6am for Pelion West

Above - Adrian on the summit of Pelion West

Above - Mt Ossa with Paddys Nut in the foregound

Above - Mt Thetis

Above - Perrins Bluff

Above - Getting water

Above - Pelion West

Above - Leonards Tarn

Above - Mt Oakleigh

Above - Mt Ossa

Above - Mt Ossa

Above - Mt Achilles

Above - Pelion West

Above - Barn Bluff

Above - Back at New Pelion Hut

Above - Adrian and Col

Above - Paddys Nut

Above - Dave at Cirque Hut

Above - Adrian cooking

Above - Cirque Hut

Above - Playing cards at Cirque Hut

Above - Cradle Mountain

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