A Walk in the Reserve - May 1984

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Page 1 - Lake St Clair - Pine Valley - The Labyrinth

Party - Roger Lembit, Dave Noble

Above - Mt Ida and Lake St Clair from Echo Point

Above - The Geryon

Above - Lake Elysia - The Labyrinth

Above - The Acropolis and Lake Elysia

Above - Mt Gould and the last of the fagus

Above - Lake Elysia

Above - Lake Elysia

Above - Lake Elysia

Above - Lake Elysia

Above - The Acropolis

Above - Dolerite pavement

Above - Pool

Above - Dusk

Above - Alpenglow on the Geryon. It had been a dull cloudy day - but there was a thin crack of bluye sky to the west. When the sun passed through this gap - the peaks lit up dramatically for a minute or so.

Above - The next day we got up to watch the sunrise.

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