Southern Ranges Walk - Tasmania - January 1989

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Stephen Bray, Dave Noble

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Southern Ranges - Precipitous Bluff

Above - The Hippo

Above - view from the Hippo

Above - Stephen on the Hippo. Mt La Perouse behind

Above - Pigsty Ponds and the Coxcomb Ridge of La Perouse

Above - Lake Ooze on the right

Above - The Coxcomb Ridge of La Perouse

Above - Pindars Peak - the "Matterhorn" of the South West

Above - Precipitous Bluff and Mt Wylly from Pindars Peak

Above - PB

Above - Leaning tea tress in Leaning Tea Tree Saddle (aptly named!)

Above - detail

Above - PB

Above - PB

Above - Mt Victoria Cross

Above - Mt Bisdee from Mt Victoria Cross (Bisdee and Wylly were the first two Tasmanians to be awarded the VC)

Above - Mt Bobs

Above - Stephen getting close to PB

Above - PB Low Camp - we sat out some bad weather here - and due to time constraints - climbed PB without reaching the summit and not seeing any views.

Above - storm clouds

Above - Precipitous Bluff

Above - Precipitous Bluff

Above - Precipitous Bluff. Stephen wading down New River Lagoon

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