Southern Reserve Walk - December 1981 - January 1982

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission

Party - Luke Mulders, Dave Noble

Above - Cephesus Creek - Pine Valley

Above - Cephesus Creek

Above - The Geryon and Acropolis from Pine Valley

Above - View from the Acropolis

Above - Perrins Bluff from the Labyrinth

Above - Mt Gould

Above - Luke on the North Peak of the Geryon

Above - Cushion plants

Above - Cushion plants

Above - Dusk - Lake Elysia

Above - Mt Murchison from Mt Ossa

Above - Dawn from Mt Ossa - Looking south to the Du Cane Range

Above - Our bivouac on Mt Ossa

Above - A sea of peaks

Above - Luke on Mt Ossa

Above - Pool on Mt Ossa

Above - Luke on a pinnacle - Mt Ossa

Above - Mt Ida from Narcissus

Above - Mt Ida

We then walked out of the park and hitched to the Frenchmans Cap track. We hid some gear at the start of the track and did a quick two day walk to Frenchmans Cap and back.

Above - The Eldon Range from Frenchmans Cap

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