Western Arthurs Traverse - 5 - 15 January 2008

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission

Party - Chuin Nee Ooi, John Robens, Stephen Burns, John Menyhart, Dave Noble

Some weather observations (at Scotts Peak Dam) -

5 Jan (Moraine A) max 34.3
9 Jan (Haven Lake) max 30.8
10 Jan (the day we went jumping in and out of lakes) max 35.2
11 Jan (bushfire and about turn...) max wind gust 115 km/hr, min temp 13.9 max 27 (3pm temp 15.6)
13 Jan (hail and descent) max wind gust 117 km/hr,  min temp 7.2 max 13.0

(thanks to Chuin Nee for emailing these to me)

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