Western Arthurs Walk - South West Tasmania - January 2012

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I set out to spend time in the Western Arthurs as a solo walk with afir bit of phtography in mind. But on the bus to Scotts Peak Dam, I met up with a party from UNSW Outdoors Club - and ended up spending a fair bit of time with them. The members of the party - Luke, Lucy, Laura and Sam were good walkers and very friendly and I welcomed their company. Two of the nights they spent at Lake Oberon while I camped high above on the ridge near Mt Orion. We also met Melinda, Ian and John from Sydney Bushwalkers and spent a fair few nights sharing campsites. We were out about 11 days (the bus picked us back up on day 12). We also spent a fair bit of time camping with Bob from Springwood Bushwalking Club. Bob, The UNSW party and myself used charter transport from Evans Coaches which we found good and reliable

We ended up doing a partial traverse of the range (from Moraine A to Moraine K) because of numerous bad weather days.


Page 1 - Scotts Peak Dam - Junction Creek - Moraine A - Lake Cygnus

Page 2 - Lake Cygnus - Mt Orion

Page 3 - On the Mt Orion - Mt Sirius Ridge

Page 4 - On the Mt Orion - Mt Sirius Ridge

Page 5 - High Moor - Haven Lake

Page 6 - Haven Lake - Moraine K - Arthur Plains - Huon Camp

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