Western Arthur Range - Partial Traverse - January 1987

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Party - Dave Noble

I did not have much time for this walk - and went lightweight - not carrying a tent. I carried a fly - and having good knowledge of the range - was able to pitch it in sheltered spots.

After catching the bus to Scotts Peak dam - I walked to Junction Creek and then up Moraine A and continued to Square Lake to camp. At Square Lake there is a very sheltered campsite cut out of scrub amongst boulders near the outlet of the lake - and this was good place to pitch the fly. Also it is not far from there to climb up onto the ridge for views - and then onto Mt Sirius for even better views.

Above - The Western Arthurs from near Mt Sirius

The next day was wet and misty - so I stayed where I was.

After the stormbound day - the next day was not much better. It was quite misty - but as I had not much time - I set off and walked to Haven Lake - and camped in trees near the outlet of the lake. The day after - the weather was again poor - and I quickly left the range via Moraine K and then walked to camp at Junction Creek.

Above - Sunset at Junction Creek

The next morning - I awoke to find the range covered with a light dusting of snow.

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