Western Arthur Range in Winter - Partial Traverse - July 1987

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Party - Roger Lembit, Steve Henzell, Ian Wilson, Airdrie Long, Brad Phillips, Dave Noble

The first part of the traverse was quite easy - in fine weather to Haven Lake (although it was often cold and windy). And then we had a spell of bad weather and some snow.

Above - Near Mt Hayes

Above - Climbing up to the saddle before Mt Capricorn

Above - Mt Sirius

Above - Nipper (Ian Wilson) helping Airdrie down a steep section while "Gus" (Steve Henzell) watches.

Above - On the "incredibly steep but fern covered slopes" - the route down from Mt Capricorn.

Above - it was a team effort putting up tents at High Moor. It was very windy. These muddy sites were the most sheltered there. It was very windy all the next day on the way to Haven Lake.

Above - Mt Taurus from near Haven Lake

Above - Mt Taurus from Haven Lake

We spent two days stormbound at Haven Lake. It rained so much that a creek formed under Roger and Brad's tent - so on the seond day they were formed to move. They walked to Promontory Lake to camp and then later completed a full traverse of the range. The rest of us stayed at Haven Lake. The third night - it snowed and fined up enough for us to be able to leave the range via Moraine K. We met up with Roger and Brad at Seven Mile Creek.

Above - Nipper above Haven Lake

Above - Gus

Above - Gus

Above - Gus and Nipper

Above - Nipper on the descent to Lake Cirona

Above - Lake Cirona

Above - Gus breaking the trail, while Airdrie and Nipper look at the ice patterns

Above - Mt Scorpio

Above - Gus and Nipper climbing Mt Scorpio

Above - Gus and Nipper climbing Mt Scorpio

Above - Airdrie climbing Mt Scorpio

After leaving Seven Mile Creek we had a very cold wet walk to Junction Creek. All the creeks were flooded and we had difficulty crossing some of the them. It was snowing down as low as the Arthur Plains - but the ground was so wet that the snow would melt and not build up. So it was a cold walk back to the three sided shelter shed at Junction Creek.

Above - Looking back up to the peaks of the Western Arthur Range from Junction Creek. It was a cold walk back to Scotts Peak Dam. When we arrived there - we found ranger and police land cruisers waiting for us. Snow had closed the road at Frodshams Pass - so the minibus we had hired to pick us up was unable to reach us. The driver had asked for advice - and the ranger and local police officer helped out (many thanks).

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