Anvil Rock - A Passing Storm - 25 November 2012

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

After a nice bushwalk to the Cosx River we went out to Anvil Rock Lookout at Blackheath to watch a storm pass over.

Above - the Grose Valley from Anvil Rock Lookout

Above - Chuin Nee photographing

Above - some classic multi-pitch rock climbs. Bunny Buckets Buttress goes up the wall just right of the left hand crack (on the upper cliff). Hotel California goes up the the sunny wall just right of the third crack. Both climbs start from the bottom of the lower cliff.

Above - the Mirrorball Pinnacle is on the left

Above - Walls Lookout on the far left. The Mirrorball Pinnacle in the middle and Hotel California on the far right

Above - Mt Banks Wall

Above - Mt Hay (on the far right) . The big crack going down the face of Mt Hay was descended as a canyoning trip by members of the Kameruka Bushwalking Club in the 1960's.

Above - Jasper admires the great views

Above - sun on Rigby Hill. Pierces Pass is just left of the hill and Walls Lookout on the right

Above - Rigby Hill

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