Asgard Plateau Walk - 3 August 2016

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Party - Bob, Dave

Before heading to Mt Victoria, we did a short trip to see Minnatonka Falls in Red Gum Park at Bullaburra

Red Gum Park - Bullaburra

Above - View from the lookout on the track to Minnatonka Falls

Above - One of four "pots" near the lookout. How were these made? Natural or man made? Could they have been used by aboriginals for storing water, grinding food or cooking?

Above - Minnatonka Falls

Asgard Plateau

Above - The fire road to Asgard Swamp

Above - On the track to Thor Head you pass the ruins of an old cottage or hut

Above - Bob enjoys great views of the Grose Valley on the way to Thor Head

Above - View from Thor Head

Above - Heading back

Above - The Grose Valley from the lookout near Asgard Head. Victoria Falls on the right. Burra Korain Head in the middle.

Above - Below the lookout is a perched lake - just visible here.

Above - We then visited the old coal mine

Above - Nearby is this interesting coke oven

Above - Bob noticed these letters carved into a rock ledge on the track

Above - More ruins near Asgard Swamp

Above - Attractive woodlands

Above - Asgard Swamp

Above - Nice views from a rock tor on a short off track section to the top fire road

Above - We continue to the end of the upper fire road

Above - And then we walk along the other branch of the upper fire road

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