Kowmung Walk - 22 - 23 July 2006

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This walk was organised by Ashley Burke (of SUBW) to celebrate his birthday - lots of people came to Hatchers Hollow on the Kowmung River - walking in by various routes. Lots of great food and fine wines were consummed. It was an excellent weekend.

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The trip report can be found here and some other photos can be found on Ashely's website here

I was in a group that walked in from the Batsh Camp Rd. On the way out - we stayed in this "house" near Mt Werong - that is now a NPWS camping and picnic area.

Above - Tom preparing breakfast

Above - Fine lodgings.....

Above - Jacqui and Tom on the way down to the Kowmung

Above - Jacqui admires the view into Ruby Creek

Above - Nazih on a rocky bit of ridge

Above - On the descent

Above - More views

Above - we look across and see the ridge that some of the party will go out on the next day.

Above - Kowmung Country - Looking towards Doris Ck and Wedgetail Bluff

Above - Nazih and Tom buld this temproary cairn - to help Jo navigate. She is coming down by herself later in the evening.

Above - At Hatchers Hollow - a great campsite

Above - Tom - Rachael, Kate, Jacqui and Kendy get the cake ready

Above - Tom, Rachel, Kate, Jacqui and Kendy. Wally behind.

Above - Hatchers Hollow

Above - Hatchers Hollow

Above - The cake is just about ready

Above - a final touch - a small jaffle iron is added to the decoration on the cake

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