Blue Breaks Walk - Tonalli Mountain and Axehead Mountain - Easter 2010

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - John Robens, Chuin Nee Ooi, Rob Hynes, Dave Noble

We walked from Kanangra Walls to the Kowmung River via the Bullhead Range, then climbed Bulga Range to gain access to Scotts Main Range. Then we climbed onto Tonalli Mountain for our first camp. On the second day of the walk we traversed Tonalli Mountain, descended to Byrnes Gap and then onto Axehead Mountain. We traversed Axehead Mountain that afternoon and set up our second high camp at the top of Toddy Head. Taking advantage of a large rock pool for water, we spent the third day on a side walk to Vengeance Peninsula. On the last day we crossed Butchers Creek, descended to the Kowmung River via Denis Range and then climbed out via Roots Ridge and Gingra Range back to Kanangra Walls.

Photos -

Day 1 - Kanangra Walls - Cambage Spire - Kowmung River - Bulga Range - Tonalli Mountains
Day 2 - Tonalli Mountain - The Soap Box - Rodwell Head - Byrnes Gap - Axehead Mountain
Day 3 - Axehead Mountain - Bull Island - Vengeance Peninsula and return
Day 4 - Toddy Head - Butchers Creek - Kowmung River - Kanangra Walls


A large panorama photo of Kowmung Country from Axehead Mountain
The video of the walk posted on Youtube

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