Blue Breaks Walk - August-September 1979

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Geoff Grace, Lyn Starmer, Col Gibson, Paul McKendry, Dave Noble. This was a walk I organised for the National Parks Association.

Route - Katoomba - Narrow Neck - White Dog - Coxs River - Mt Cookem - Butchers Creek - Broken Rock Range - Catt Head - Green Wattle Creek - Bimlow Tablelands - Green Wattle Creek - Kowmung River - Long Gangerangs - Coxs River - Kanangaroo - Splendour Rock - Narrow Neck - Katoomba

Above - Coxs River from White Dog

Above - Lyn and Geoff admiring the view

Above - Looking back down at the Coxs River from Mt Cookem

Above - On Cookem Highway

Above - Butchers Creek. Lyn, Paul, Geoff and Col

Above - On Broken Rock Range

Above - On Broken Rock Range - Col, Geoff, Lyn and Dave - looking back towards Katoomba

Above - Looking towards Shoobridge Head - Broken Rock Range

Above - Shoobridge Head and behind - Lacys Tableland, Vengeance Peninsula and Mt Colong

Above - A last look back to the Wild Dog Mountains and Kowmung Gorge

Above - Green Wattle Bay from Black Coola

Above - Shoobridge Head

Above - In a large clearing in Green Wattle Ck

Above - Our campsite - Col, Paul, Geoff, Dave and Lyn

Above - Dave and Col relaxing

Above - Bimlow Walls at dusk

Above - looking at our descent route - off Catt Head from Bimlow Tablelands

Above - Bimlow Tablelands

Above - Admiring the view

Above - On the Bimlow Traverse

Above - Catt Head

Above - Shoobridge Head

Above - Back down in Green Wattle Creek - dry due to the drought (which lasted till 1983!)

Above - Butchers Creek

Above - Camp at Butchers Creek

Above - On Scotts Main Range - We turned off and went down to the Kowmung River and then went over the Low Gangerang Range - and then up the Coxs to Kanangaroo to camp.

Above - At Splendour Rock. From there - we walked back to Katoomba.

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