Centennial Glen - Porters Pass - Blackheath - 21 April 2013

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Digi Dave and myself spent three days in the Blue Mountain - visiting friends and photographing. On the third day we did a bushwalk from Centennial Pass, along the Collier Causeway and then up Porters Pass.

Above - Digi Dave heading down to Centennial Glen

Above - Fort Rock

Above - the track leading down to Centennial Glen

Above - Digi Dave looking at some of the climbs in the Glen

Above - lower down is a small canyon

Above - the site of an old dam - probably used for a swimming hole

Above - continuing down the track

Above - a nice waterfall

Above - looking up at Shipley Upper climbing area

Above - Digi Dave on the Collier Causeway track

Above - sundew

Above - small cascade - Porters Pass

Above - fungi

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