Blue Rocks Walk 7-9 June 2014

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Wendy organised this walk to the Blue Rocks. She was joined by Martin and myself. Our route was - Tops - Baal Bone Gap - Baal Bone Point - Pantoneys Crown (camp 1) - Creek near the Blue Rocks - Point Cameron - The Domes - Pygmy Canyon - Exploded Pagoda (camp 2) - McLeans Pass - Tops

Above - Wendy on the tops above Baal Bone Gap

Above - Martin climbs onto a rock formation

Above - Now Wendy climbs up

Above - Mt Canobla and Mt Gundangaroo

Above - Wendy photographing

Above - Martin looks towards Pantoneys Crown

Above - Looking at the Wolgan/Capertee Divide

Above - Wendy walking on the open rocky tops

Above - Pantoneys Crown

Above - Near Baal Bone Point

Above - Baal Bone Point

Above - Baal Bone Point

       Above - Baal Bone Point - the end point looks quite tricky to climb.

Above - Baal Bone Point

Above - Up on Pantoneys Crown

Above - Looking towards the Exploded Pagoda region on the Wolgan/Capertee Divide

Above - Baal Bone Point from Pantoneys Crown

Above - Point Cameron on the left

Above - Dusk

Above - Rock formations

Above - Evening - note the plume from Mt Piper Power Station and some lights from a party camped at Baal Bone Point

Above - Looking down the Capertee Valley. A fire is burning way off in the distance.

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