Blue Rocks Walk - 9 - 11 June 2012

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This walk was organised for SUBW. We walked from above the Wolgan Valley to Baal Bone Gap and then to Baal Bone Point. Then to Pantoneys Crown - The Blue Rocks - Pt Cameron and back along the Wolgan Capertee Divide.

Party - Rob, Dan, Sharon, Duncan, Disco Stu, Dave

Above - Rob on a rock formation above Baal Bone Gap

Above - Dan on the same formation

Above - easy walking in nice open woodlands

Above - looking at Pantoneys Crown

Above - morning mist - Capertee Valley

Above - Pantoneys Crown

Above - Pantoneys Crown from Baal Bone Point

Above - Looking down the Capertee Valley

Above - a party of day walkers at Baal Bone Point

Above - Looking back at Baal Bone Point from Pantoneys Crown

Above - camp on Pantoneys Crown

Above - Dan

Above - Pantoneys Cliffs

Above - rock formations - late afternoon

Above - some sky fog and the Milky Way

Above - the Clouds of Magellan (and the plumes from two power stations)

Above - the Emu, and the Pointers and Southern Cross

Above - stargazing

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