Breakfast Creek - Coxs River Walk - 24-25 November 2012

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Party - Chuin Nee, John, Jasper, Dave

Day 1 - Saturday

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Above - Jasper is excited about going on his first overnight bushwalk

Above - Carlons Gully - lots of nettles!

Above - Breakfast Creek. It was pretty dry. What water there was was pretty skanky.

Above - Chuin Nee, John and Jasper

Above - we stopped for lunch in a nice shady place at the Frying Pan. Jasper explores his surroundings.

Above - view from the Frying Pan bend

Above - a little downstream is this nice campsite - but it was too hot and had too little shade for us to stop at

Above - Breakfast Creek - mostly a dry creekbed

Above - a shy echidna

Above - it took some patient waiting for the echidna to look up for a photo

Above – continuing on

Above - the Coxs River. We stopped at a nice campsite just downstream of the Breakfast Creek junction

Above - dusk

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