Burra Korain Head Walk - 10 August 2016

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Party - Bob, Dave

Above - On the way to the trip, we had a look at an aboriginal scar tree (at Mt Boyce)

Above - View from the lookout above Victoria Falls. We later planned to descnd off Burra Korain Ridge via the right hand break.

Above - Looking at Burra Korain Head

Above - Looking down to the Grose Valley

Above - The upper waterfall that makes up Victoria Falls

Above - The lower waterfall that makes up Victoria Falls

Above - On the ridge up to Burra Korain Head

Above - Climbing up loose slopes

Above - Good views of the Grose Valley

Above - Grose Panorama

Above - We had to scout around looking for a way up. Bob had climbed this ridge many years before (1970's)

Above - More good views

Above - Grose Panorama

Above - Cliffs. We checked to the right, then we headed around the left

Above - Checking to the right did not look promising

Above - We scrambled a fair way round to the left - things did not look good. So we returned to the point and headed right again.

Above - I reached the bottom of this chimney. It was a possible way up?

Above - Bob checked above. It went!

Above - View from the top of the pass

Above - Looking to Asgard Head. Note this interesting pinnacle in the middle ground.

Above - View of Odin Head from the top of our descent gully.

Above - Small cascade in Victoria Creek

Above - Grose cliffs from Victoria Falls Lookout

Above - Burra Korain Head

Above - Looking back at the pinnacle. It looks hard to climb.

Above - an old photo taken from Asgard Head - I have marked our route.

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