Castle Head -  Mt Solitary - Jamison Valley Walk - 1-3 July 2013

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Above - approaching Castle Head

Above - Mt Solitary from Castle Head

Above - Dusk - Lake Burragorang and the cliffs of the Blue Breaks

Above - the night sky at Castle Head trig

Above - pre-dawn - mist

Above - Mt Solitary

Above - waterfall of mist on Narrow Neck

Above - mist in Katoomba

Above - Jamison Valley

Above - the Three Sisters

Above - frosted leaves

Above - cliffs above Megalong Valley

Above - The Three Sisters from the Golden Stairs

Above - old mine adit - Ruined Castle

Above - jelly like fungi

Above - marks made by Red Triangle Slugs - they feed on algae on the bark of smooth barked trees

Above - looking back at Castle Head and the Ruined Castle from Mt Solitary

Above - Disturbing! Recently cut down trees on Mt Solitary. I saw at least four trees that had been chopped down. Nearby were a group of teenagers that had just packed up their camp and were about to set off. Some of them had swags and they were wearing army fatigues. One of them had an axe and had admitted to another bushwalker I met that he had chopped down the trees.

Above - view south from Melvilles Lookout - Lake Burragornag - The Blue Breaks, Mt Colong, Ti Willa, Mt Cloudmaker, Kanangra Walls

Above - I camped nearby at the top of Chinaman Gully

Above - Castle Head and the Ruined Castle

Above - Jamison Valley

Above - waterfall at the end of Chinaman Gully

Above - dusk - Lake Burragorang

Above - the Milky Way

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