Coxs River - SUBW Xmas Walk  5 - 6 December 2009

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

This was the annual SBW Xmas Walk to the Coxs River. This year, Megalong Valley was quite green, but the Coxs River was fairly low. Before walking down to the River a group of us visited the Grand Canyon at Blackheath.

Party - Peter R, Mike, Bjorn, Wendy, Ricarda, Ashley, John, Mila, Felix, Tom G, Tessa, Rob, Tom M, Pete H, Kate, Roger, Rowan, Jiri, Cat, Jo, Dave

Above - at the swimming hole

Above - Tom and Jiri at the rapids - not much water!

Above - sculptured granite

Above - Ricarda

Above - Wendy and Tessa

Above - at the campsite

Above - Wendy and Tessa

Above - Jo

Above - Kate and Ashley

Above - Wendy and Tessa

Above - Wendy with her  dinner

Above - Ashley with his dinner....

Above - Tom G and Tessa

Above - Wendy

Above - Roger singing

Above - Wendy, time for another drink.....

Above - Ashley

Above - Wendy and Dave (with Kate behind)

Above - Scary Wendy, with Roger behind

Above - Wendy and Kate

Above - Kate (probably thinking about her educational philosophy)

Above - Next morning - Wendy, Tessa and Jo

Above - Roger and Rowan

Above - back at the pool

Above - Kate has a leech - and its a BIG one!

Above - Wasps......

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