Coxs River Xmas Walk - 14 - 15 December 2013

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This was a SUBW walk organised by Ash Burke. Before the walk down to the river, a visit to the Grand Canyon at Blackheath was made.

Party - included - Ashley, Roger, Rowan, Tifa, Janice, Chuin Nee, John R, Jasper, Burnsie, John M, Max Cady (Patrick), Dave L, Nicole, Ollie, Roger B, Luisa, Jeremy, Dave C, Digi Dave, Albert, Peggy, Tim, Stacey, Enmoore, Su Li, Brent, Tom, Monica, Mitchell, Cathy, Chee, Chris, Suzie, Rik, Wendy, Rob, Helen, Kosta, Martin, Christian, Dave N

Above - on the Six Foot Track

Above - the pool near the campsite

Above - Coxs River

Above - Peggy in the rapids

Above - at the camp

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