Darling Mills Creek Walk - 4 December 2015

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I went on a walk down Darling Mills Creek from West Pennant Hills to near Parramatta, then a circuit around Lake Parramatta before returning to Sydney.

Above - The track at the Richard Webb Reserve

Above - You soon enter Bidjigal Reserve and follow along the Murri-Yanna Track

Above - Waterfall in Darling Mills Ck

Above - Hyacinth Orchid - Dipodium punctatum

Above - Hyacinth Orchid - Dipodium punctatum

Above - the crossing at Excelsior Creek

Above - Some of the many birds along the creek

Above - Passing under the M2

Above - The path goes across this bridge then up to a lookout

Above - Nera the lookout is this structure built for flood retardation

Above - Like many of the walks along Sydney remnant bushland it is also a sewer easement

Above - Rock orchid

Above - Some section of the path are pretty weed infested. This section was quite short.

Above - The last part of the track is along an old convict road

Above - old convict stonework

I then crossed North Rocks Road and walked the short distance to Lake Parramatta - where I completed the walk around the lake.

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