Donkey Mountain Walk - 2-3 August 2014

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Party - Chuin Nee, John, Jasper, Dave

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On the way home we stopped off to watch the sunset at Boars Head at Katoomba.

Above - The Wolgan Valley

Above - The valley floor was frosty

Above - An old gnarled tree

Above - Chuin Nee enters one of the narrow slots that cut through parts of Donkey Mountain

Above - Its hard work for little Jasper

Above - Easier going

Above - This slot enters a large chamber

Above - We spent a fair bit of time cleaning up this chamber! A previous party had constructed a large fireplace and scattered within was a lot of rubbish. We restored the fireplace as best we could and carried out all the rubbish (cans and foil).

Above - we could just fit through this narrow slot

Above - It was a bit easier for Jasper to fit through. He enjoyed it so much he wanted to go through twice.

We then headed back to our campsite, packed up and headed off the mountain.

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